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Based out of Portland, OR, Morgan Fay is an award winning professional belly dancer who performs throughout the Portland Metro area as a solo artist, as well as with Baksana and the Allegro Dance Company. She offers private lessons in person or online. 



Morgan will be teaching a Finger Cymbal Focus workshop at JamBallah NW 2019!. Check out the JamBallah NW website for more info:

Morgan offers a variety of workshop topics in her areas of specialty:

  • Introduction to Finger Cymbals:

Finger Cymbals add amazing variety and texture to your dance and can be played in many creative ways! Explore your musicality through different tones and patterns, learn a bit of music theory to help you sink deeper into your expression, and combine your new musical skills with fun dance steps to get you playing and dancing right away! Suitable for all levels!

  • Beginning Belly Dance:

The magic. The mystery. The art of belly dance. Learn how to express your creative spirit through belly dance. Morgan will break down the core concepts of the most common belly dance movements, explaining proper posture and technique, all while providing cultural context for the dance and music. Suitable for all levels!

  • Riveting Rhythms:

What gets the heart pounding, the feet stomping, and the hands clapping? Rhythm! Dive into some of the most common drum rhythms you will find in belly dance. Explore basic music theory that will help you better understand your dance and be able to communicate clearly with musicians for live music opportunities. Suitable for all levels.

  • Roots and Fruit - An exploration of Raqs Sharki and Fusion forms of belly dance

Raqs Sharki and fusion belly are they related? Where did they come from? If I'm a fusion dancer, what do I need to know about Raqs Sharki? If I'm a Raqs Sharki dancer and I want to learn more about fusion, where do I start? Learn the history of several different styles of belly dance and how their roots intertwine. Part lecture and part movement, one year of belly dance is recommended for this workshop.


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ongoing classes


Morgan is not currently teaching ongoing classes, but you may catch her subbing for other teachers around Portland. Keep your eyes peeled!

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upcoming events



Ongoing performances weekly (Wednesdays and/or Thursdays at Marrakesh Restaurant. Call to make a reservation: (503) 248-9442